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Correct spelling, explaination: 3rd is the correct way to write short form of this ordinal number. The reason for this lays in spelling and pronunciation of the full-word version, third. The word ends with rd and this abbreviation is added to a number to create the form 3rd. 3th is incorrect because third does not end with th.

Definition of 3rd:
numeral, ordinal number between 2nd and 4th
You are 3rd best student in the college this year! Let’s celebrate!
They picked the 3rd house they were presented and they are very satisfied.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explaination: 3th is an incorrect form, because the full word third ends with rd, not th. Abbreviation that comes after a number in ordinal numbers comes from the full-written form. This is why the correct way to write this number is 3rd, not 3th.

Incorrect spelling


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Incorrect spelling


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