Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explaination: double m is unnecessary because of origins of this word, which pointed to one consonant m in spelling. This shows that correct spelling is amount, not ammount.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explaination: this word is correctly spelled with one consonant m, therefore amount is the right form. The word comes from Anglo-French and Latin words (amonter, to mont) meaning to go up, to the mountain. This origin points to ammount being incorrect spelling.

Definition of amount:
1. noun, quantity
The amount of information I have to process to write this article is huge!
2. noun, total of two or more quantities
The amount is $56.
3. verb, to total, add
All of this amounts to the same thing.

Idioms and phrases with amount
amount to something, to achieve something important in life, to reach the goal or lead to it
You can amount to great things in life.
No wonder she didn’t amount to anything with this attitude.