Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explaination: when the word ends with a vowel and consonant y we add s at the end to create a plural form. This is why the plural form of journey is journeys, not journies. Y transforms to ie only with words ending with a consonant before final y. For example, plural of day is days, but plural of duty is duties. Therefore the correct form here is journeys.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explaination: journeys is the plural form from noun journey. This word comes from French journee, meaning a day (day’s journey). Original spelling points to journey being the correct form, therefore the plural form will be journeys. While words ending with y after a consonant transform this consonant to ie when adding s at the end (berryberries), journey ends with vowel+y, that’s why we do not transform this letter (just like toytoys; boyboys). That is the reason why journies体育彩票竞彩足球365 is incorrect.

Definition of journeys:
noun, plural form of journey, a process of travelling from one place to another
I’ve had some journeys in my life but now I prefer to spend my vacation calmly and stay home.
We wanted Steve to go with us to Hawaii, but he hates journeys.