Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explaination: to add -ing ending to a verb that end with consonant-vowel-consonant, we have to double the last consonant. This is the reason why spelling puting is wrong, since t should be doubled. According to this rule, the only correct spelling is putting.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explaination: the core verb in this gerund form is put. According to the rule, when the verb ends with consonant-vowel-consonant we double the last consonant if we want to add suffix -ing or -ed. Therefore, the correct form of -ing form of put is putting – with double t. Puting体育彩票竞彩足球365 is incorrect.

Definition of putting:
verb, gerund/present participle of put, to place something somewhere
You can protect your belongings by putting them in the hotel safe.
I was putting my groceries in my bag while my husband was paying for them.